Friday, February 28, 2003


Wouldn't it be great if there was a single unified electronic business card, so that we all didn't have to carry around these useless paper business cards? God that would be nirvanic...orgasmic wouldn't it?

Well as luck and life would have it every mobile device I own have has some sort of electronic biz card that it can beam to other mobile devices. The problem however, lies in the fact that they've all got their own wankerish standards, and they really aren't all that compatible with each other....this is like going back to the dawn of money when every city printed their own currency with their own mayor / sherrif / king on them. Of course my currency didn't work in your territory BECAUSE WE COULDN'T COME UP WITH A BRILLIANT STANDARD FOR NEARLY 800 YEARS. You'd think that someone would have figure this one out by now...

Yeah I know you're saying but What about Bluetooth isn't that supposed to work and do what you're talking about?

In theory it does, but these are the results that I get from my extensive testing and beating my head agains the wall:

My Palm V doesn't talk to my Nokia 8890.
My Nokia 8890 doesn't talk to my Siemens s40.
My Siemens s40 talks to my Palm V but doesn't necessarily correctly send everything.
My Nokia 8890 talks to my Outlook XP, but it can't take dictation notes.
My Siemens s40 takes dictation, but won't synch the sound files to anything.
My Palm V successfully synchs with my Palm Desktop 4.1.
My Palm Desktop 4.1 only synchs with my Palm.
My Siemens s40 successfully synchs with my Outlook XP.
My Outlook sometimes synchs with my Palm V.
My Palm Desktop 4.1 won't share addresses wth my Outlook XP.
My Outlook XP takes advantage of
My everything else tells the to go fuck themselves.
My Sony Ericsson T200 is a piece of crap.
I tell everyone to talk to the hand.

And it's all downhill from there....

Of course I have made sure that all devices support InfraRed, carry Bluetooth compatibility, have current versions of firmware, hardware, and synching software; and it's still a big fuck you. I still have to enter the same address 9,000,000 times over and over again, and heaven forefend that I have to actually reinstall my winblows XP because it's that time of the month when the OS is feeling particularly wankerish and has to somehow grinding to a halt...shit....

Hooray for fucking technology...I'll stick with the paper business cards thanks, at least that way it I'll have something to wipe my ass with when there's no toilet paper in the public restroom stall.


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